Conjuring up the artist from the archives

How can our understanding of an artist be deepened and developed through digital materials and methods? How can we develop tools for a better understanding of previous practices in conjuring up, modifying and curating artists[…]

NMH 53/1981

Publications and dissemination

  For project publications and final report, visit   Dissemination 2019 February 2 – Alingsås Art Association Jonathan Westin presents the project to Alingsås Art Association. February 6 – “Arosenius abroad – Ivar Arosenius’ Art in international arenas” Alexandra Herlitz presents[…]

Ivar Arosenius: Flicka vid dörren
NM 2644

Study: Arosenius in Älvängen

One of the studies within the project explores material pertaining to Arosenius’ home in Älvängen, torn down in the early seventies after decades of neglect. Using the archive as a source, a virtual model is assembled[…]